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What is a workflow?

Workflows are attached to triggers to perform a sequential set of steps to

  1. Understand the customer journey better.
  2. Unlock insights on the customer needs.
  3. Perform segmented marketing for every set of customer.

Think of workflows like if-user-did-this-then-do-that

What are the use-cases for workflows?

  1. Sending a customer success story after X days of signup.
  2. Sending a knowledge gap email if a trigger isn't performed by the customer within X days.
  3. Sending a feedback campaign after X days of free-trial.

However, these are only some of the common customer retention strategies. The sky's the limit with what's possible.

How to create a new workflow?

Create a new workflow using API here

Workflow Naming Conventions

Workflows are usually named as follows

1. Onboarding Completion Nudge
2. Cancellation Extend Trial Prompt

Workflow Key-Naming Conventions


Workflow Keys are unique, just like trigger keys. i.e, Only one can exist per project and they must start with your project key.


If your project key is Crewcharge

1. crewcharge_onboarding_completion_nudge
2. crewcharge_cancellation_extend_trial_prompt_1